Melissa Blayton




Melissa Blayton is not your ordinary artist. She is the girl that allows her clients to become a part of her life. Living her life very openly on social media has attributed to her real connection with her clients. They become part of her world, her life, and her family.

Melissa started her career at age 18 when she went to hair school and pursued makeup full time in 2006. She has been featured in local and national publications and has worked with many high profile celebs, including Trace Adkins and Kanye West, but her passion is teaching. She has a soft spot for aspiring artists and travels the world teaching.

Melissa launched the team division of her brand  in Kansas City and enjoys being able to offer the opportunity to other talented artists as well as connecting clients with top talent.

Melissa is a mom of 2 successful children and a "glamma" of a gorgeous granddaughter who has stolen her heart. 

For booking information contact 816-945-0034